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Add Me to Search: How to Create Your Google People Card

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Through the search query “add me to search” you can make the Google people card. You can also link to your site as well as social media and other sites from one location. The quickest and most efficient method to establish an online presence on Google is to type in the query: “Add me to Google Add Me to Search. If you are somewhere in India, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, this command will require the user to design a personal card to Google Search.

All you require is a smartphone connected to the internet as well as an account on your personal Google account as well as Web & App Activity enabled in the settings of your account. A People Card is an online business card that is displayed on Google when your name is searched.

How To Create A People Card

Step 1

Simply type in the search query “add me to search” and you’ll be able to create a card for your friends on high-up on the page.

Click on “Get started” to begin the process of creating your own card.

Step 2

Enter your personal information. Click the button to begin. The screen will look like this:

The fields required are first These are:

  • Name
  • Location
  • About
  • Job

Below the mandatory fields, there’s an area of additional information that you can add If you’d like to.

Google will allow you to link on the following social media profiles:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube

In the majority of cases, you’ll be able enter any information you want manually. Two exceptions are the phone number and email.

Google automatically populates the email and telephone number fields with information stored in the fields of your Google account. You cannot alter the email address or number on your card without modifying it within Google’s Google account.

Naturally, you may opt to hide these fields at all in case you prefer not to divulge your personal email address or telephone number.

Step 3

Once you have filled in the required fields in Step 2, the last remaining task is to look over the card before that it is live.

When you are satisfied with the way your card appears you can save it, and it will immediately be listed within search results.

If you want to see how the site appears as a result of a search after it goes live, just search for your name.

It’s that simple. it. Remember that Google’s person cards are only available to people who search from India, Kenya, Nigeria as well as South Africa.

Google hasn’t yet announced if the feature will eventually be made available across other regions. However, if you set one up today, you’ll be prepared for a bigger deployment.

Are you not in India?

Outside of India have set up people cards of their own with the help of VPN.

What Are Google People Cards?

Being visible in results for your own search for oneself can be a challenge especially for those who don’t have a huge following or have the same name as several others.

For people who are searching, it could be difficult to find information on a particular person when they don’t have an active online presence.

People cards are designed to appeal to performers, business professionals’ entrepreneurs, influencers and job seekers, freelancers or anyone who wants to expand their online presence.

A card for people can contain the URL of your website as well as links to social profiles and any other information that you would like people to know about you.

If you type in the name of someone, and they’ve got a People card, you’ll find an area with their name along with their occupation and the location. It can also be tapped to view the entire card.

General Guidelines for Google People Cards

After the people card is established maintaining it up to date is vital to allow Google to show it in results for searches.

Google might not show your card if a lengthy period has passed since your card was last updated or verified.

You can modify and edit the information that is shared on your personal card at any point from any of your Google Search contributions page, or using the search feature “edit my people card.”

It can take up to an hour to allow your person card to show up in the search results. It’s true that Google does not guarantee that all cards are displayed.

The more details you provide, the greater chance your card will be displayed in the search results. If it hasn’t been able to be found within a couple of hours, make sure to edit it with more information.

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