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How to Start Your Best Podcasts 2022?


“Podcasting” was a term that “podcast” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2005 however, it had yet to gain momentum in the media as well as among the general population. In the last 16 years, podcasting has grown into a flourishing industry which has received investments from corporations such as Google, Apple, and Spotify. More companies are using this platform to connect with a new market and increase their number of customers who are attracted to podcasts and other related activities! Therefore, the issue is what should you do to start your Best Podcasts 2022?

The field of podcasting holds many untapped opportunities. At present, there are more than 600 million blogs and more than 31, million YouTube channel, but only 800,000 podcasts are accessible via Apple Podcasts. In the event that there is a need for podcasts to cover, read this step-by-step guide to getting started.

Create your Own Concept


Prior to recording, think about what you’d like the podcast to cover and the reason you’re doing it initially. This will assist you in determining your goals that could range from making leads for your company or becoming an authority in the industry, or just for fun.


Select a theme or subject for your best podcast 2022. Whatever topic you choose, make sure that you are an expert on it and have a passion for it. Those who listen to your podcast will be able to tell how knowledgeable and passionate on your chosen subject. It’s recommended to browse through directories of podcasts to see if there are any podcasts related to your area already.

If you can some, take a listen to gain an understanding of what they are doing well and where they could make improvements and what you’d change. If you think you’re able to be different or make better, consider whether there’s plenty to talk about. Make sure you’ve got plenty to discuss and that you’ll never be short of content ideas.


Choose the topic or subject for your podcast. Whatever you choose ensure that you’re an expert on it and possess a strong passion for the subject, as listeners will be able to tell how knowledgeable and passionate you are regarding the topic you’ve chosen. It’s recommended to browse through directories of podcasts to find out if there’s any podcasts that pertain to your subject already.


If there is any, you should listen to a few to understand the things they excel at and what they could do better and also what you’d change. If you think you could create something new or do it better, check whether there’s something worth talking about. Be sure that you’re talking about and you’ll not be short of ideas for content.

Choose a Preferred Format


There’s no one right or wrong choice in choosing the format. It’s all dependent on the subject that your show is focusing on. Certain podcasts work better with a single host while some have multiple presenters simultaneously and some are interviews. You could also employ a hybrid, based on the subject matter for each show.

The length of a podcast is not known. determine what length a show should run. Based on some studies the duration of the average episode is less than 42 minutes. However, some claim that podcasts should be shorter to keep listeners interested. It is also dependent on your professional experience and the subject that you cover in each program, the people you interview and how often you release each episode.

Software and Equipment to Begin Recording

In fact, you could start filming as soon as. There is no need to invest thousands of dollars on equipment and you don’t require much experience. You can start with nothing more than your phone and a pair of headphones. Although the content that you are presenting is essential but having a high-quality audio raises it to a new quality and ensures that your people will listen to it for a long time.

A Podcast is a Great way to Promote your Business

All things come alive throughout this recording or editing procedure. Don’t give even at this point despite the fact it’s a long process. It’s not difficult to get bogged down when the process becomes complex or complicated however the effort is worth it when your business begins to see outcomes.

Every podcast starts with a couple of bad episodes. It is possible to be an expert and start off to an excellent beginning, but if require to re-evaluate your approach and make some changes use it to enhance the next episode. The more podcasts you create for your company the better.

Before you start recording ensure you’ve created an idea of what you want to record. This doesn’t mean you have to present everyone with an outline of the screenplay that they must be able to follow word for word. Instead, make a topic outline and give it to the right people to ensure they’re at least partially ready for the chat.

When everything is in order then grab a drink, and hit the recording button. If your business podcast seems more laid-back it’s not a bad idea to try showing that you’re a human drinking a glass of wine instead of striving to create it perfect.

The world of podcasts offers you new ways to reach to your target audience. Podcasts are a favorite among people because they provide a simple method of learning new information with minimal effort.

6 Ways to Get Your Podcast Ranking Higher

  1. Understand Your Audience and Define Your Niche
  2. Podcast Search Engine Optimization
  3. Create Blog Posts for Your Episodes
  4. A Great Source of Feedback – Podcast Reviews
  5. Win Backlinks for Your Podcast Pages


Each year, as more and more people use audio for educational purposes and podcasts, the demand for them is growing slowly. For instance, as per an analysis conducted in the year 2020, less than nine million people within the United Kingdom listen to podcasts regularly in the year 2019. But by 2022, Best Podcast 2022, this number was more than doubled with 15.61 million listening during Covid times and locking down around the globe.

To boost the quality of your Google and other rankings on search engines There are a number of key elements to consider. Consider the speed of loading of your site, distribute your podcast on multiple platforms, and perform an analysis of keywords. Be sure to promote your show properly and listen to feedback with a keen eye. This is the only way you’ll be able sell your show to your listeners. To make your best podcasts 2022 more easily found on Google and other podcasting apps be sure to follow these 6 suggestions. Best of luck with your podcasting ventures!

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