Common SEO Mistakes

Top 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes with Solutions


There are a lot of Common SEO Mistakes that are made every day that a lot of people might not know about. Google as well as other search engines have a goal to give value and importance to their search results and bringing this into control can help improve the rankings of your SEO.

It is impossible to learn everything that works with trial and error but these are tested methods to be aware of or incorporate into your website to increase your site’s traffic.


Poor or duplicate content With Google Panda Update Google Panda Update, Google is bringing down websites that don’t offer high-quality or original content. It has been the case that in past years, there’ve been many loopholes which people copy and paste someone else’s hard work as their own, and then their ranking improves… No more!

“This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites-sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites-sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.” (Source: Google Blog)

Don’t copy other people’s work. Create unique content of your own with the benefit of users and you’ll be awarded.


Making the wrong choices with the wrong keywords It’s a common error that many people commit by focusing on keywords which sound good to them, but might not be appropriate to the content they are creating. As we mentioned in the beginning paragraph, it is the Google Panda Update is on an aim to deliver users with the best content for the users who are searching for information, so should you opt to focus on a phrase that isn’t relevant to your business and your content doesn’t fit the keywords it is the wrong river without a paddle, as it is stated.

There’s another aspect of the coin… key phrases that you think are suitable for your content but it isn’t being commonly used by users. Since proper keyword research could make or break an SEO strategy, it will be beneficial to study as much as you can about the importance of conducting proper research on keywords. An article I recently written can help shed illumination on this topic… Learn How to Do the Right Keyword Research and Analysis!


Keyword Stuffing is a term that refers to in the case of a person who over-optimizes their content with the help of the keyword phrase repeatedly. Keywords are extremely important for SEO However; their excessive use can hurt your SEO Rankings and could even result in you being disqualified.

The repetition of the phrase repeatedly was a method that was successful a few years ago, however, the search engines have evolved and are aware that their results are not typically of high-quality. If you continue to do this can result in an infringement charge or in the worst case scenario, have your website banned, meaning that you can’t be able to find your website on results of search engines in the future, and has been taken off the index databases of search engines.

If you’re using an SEOPressor Plugin on your WordPress website You should be aware that the improper use of this plugin could bring you the same results as I mentioned earlier… To understand better what I’m talking about you should take a look at the following article SEOPressor Plugin can be priceless or Risky!


Not Cross-Linking Cross linking, also referred to as internal linking is an effective technique to connect relevant pages. This easy method can decrease your bounce rate (something which the Google Panda Update takes into account) which can show the search engines that your website contains important information that users appreciate, since they are likely to spend a significant amount of time on your website.

Cross linking also helps increase the popularity of other pages on your website by allowing link juice to be passed on to the pages linked to and spread the love, according to some. This is often an unnoticed process, but it is commonplace, and could be viewed in this manner… If you’ve mentioned something that’s relevant to your article you’ve previously written about, then link to it.


Utilizing the same Title for multiple Pages If you’ve read my article on Title Tags and Title Tags, you’ll be aware that title tags are one of the primary elements that can improve your rankings. Google along with other major search engines utilize it to figure out what the website’s content is and, of course, relevancy is also a key factor.

Every Title Tag needs to be distinctive… If you have a lot of titles that are identical, search engines will consider them as a resemblance and be able to hinder your search engine rankings. Make sure that the title includes the main keyword.

For bloggers, don’t misunderstand for the Title Tag as your main headline in your article because it’s not. Title tags are the text that appears on the upper right corner of your web browser. It is also shown on search engine result pages as the title and link to your article. However, should do not have a plugin that lets you type your own title, WordPress will put the article’s headline as the title tag.


It’s the Lack of Authority the Lack of Authority – there are numerous websites that write about all things and don’t have the authority in a particular area. If you’re not an expert in specific subject, then what is the reason search engines would want to direct searchers to your website? Search engines would like to direct their questions to experts who are recognized as experts within the subject of the search term Not a “Jack of All Trades’ type of website.

If you are inclined to write on a variety of topics, then don’t be expecting much visitors from search engines. Your site will most likely be considered a personal site or blog, and not an authoritative website. I personally know those who write on a variety of topics but all of it leads to the same theme and conclusion Network Marketing.


Backlinks that have little or no Relevance – Similar to the value of keywords Backlinks are an extremely crucial aspect of the success of your SEO Campaign. Links from websites that do not relevant to your site’s topic or have poor quality will not mean for your site.

These Links are a kind of ‘vote’ to your website, and it is beneficial to have backlinks from a website that falls in the same field that your website is. The Links that link to your website but don’t include anchor text to explain the contents of your site and what they are about, are of no worth. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it… One inbound link from a top quality, highly ranked authority website is worth more than 100 backlinks from low-quality sites that rank low.


Buy Backlinks – the above remarks lead me to this next point… Paid links. There are many individuals in the world who are aware of the importance of backlinks to SEO and will buy backlinks to boost their SEO. Don’t Do it!

It is believed that the Google Panda Update set out to get rid of this process by getting rid of Link Farms, so think about this for a while… The search engines want to make it easier for everyone to compete which is why Google as well as other search engines view the person who buys backlinks to increase their SEO ranking as a method of fraud.

For those who have cash to burn If you opt to buy backlinks for you SEO Campaign, don’t expect to be granted mercy if your website blacklisted.


The importance in the structure of your URL the structure of your URL that is pertinent to the content you’ve included is a crucial aspect for the success of your SEO Campaign. Search engines and your site visitors will be able to look at the structure of your URL and often decide whether or not your content is associated with it.

It makes sense to include keywords in your content, it is sensible to create a URL structure in reference to the keyword that you want to target… Check out the address bar of this page. All the additional words are not needed.


Do not use using the Alt Tag – there are some who are oblivious to this and don’t know they’re doing it. For starters making sure that your image is named by using the keyword phrase you want to use is a good idea (separate your words by dashes instead of spaces) However, making use of your Alt tag is an essential part of SEO best methods.

The search engines can’t see your images, so when you enter your Alt Tag it represents to the search engines what the image is about. The Alt tag should contain an encapsulated description of the image, and it should contain your primary keyword phrase whenever possible. When you insert an image to the WordPress back office There is a box to fill in the Alt tag you can complete… Look over it like this: in the worst case, it’s added wording to include the keyword phrase you want to use that could improve your search engine ranking. If you’ve got multiple images, be sure that you don’t use the same descriptive words in the event that the image is identical.

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