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10 ECommerce Website Design Tips and Practices That Help You Sell More

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A variety of studies have revealed that a substantial proportion of users today prefer mobile apps over online shopping websites. Therefore, your online store should provide a great user experience in order to compete with competitors as well as mobile-based commerce. You must consider a number of aspects to ensure that your web store more engaging for customers and entice them to purchase the goods or services. Apart from focusing on the design the feel, appearance, features and performance of the site as well, you must look at ways to improve the experience for users. To enhance the user experience provided by the site, you must to increase its accessibility, usability trustworthiness, security and search engines’ visibility.

Tips to Think About When Launching your first Ecommerce Website


When you are planning and creating your first ecommerce website it is essential to concentrate on the customers and their preferences. It is important to remember that a website store is not a place for customers to feel, touch or smell the items. Therefore, you need to keep them entertained by making the shopping experience easy and quick. You can keep shoppers interested by providing products at a discount, offering free shipping, and making your checkout and shopping process easy.


Also, you must focus on the layout and user interface of the ecommerce website to draw attention and engage customers effectively. Contrary to well-known brands, you have to find ways to earn the confidence and trust of customers. Therefore, you must include several elements on your website including a distinctive logo, deals on shopping and product selections, reviews and testimonials, as well as the call to actions. In addition, you should make sure that the design and feel of ecommerce website is easy enough to make the purchasing process easy and simple.

Mobile Optimization

As previously mentioned, the majority of users today prefer ecommerce apps over eCommerce website. In addition, the majority of people today browse e-commerce sites on smartphones, tablets, or Phablets. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the ecommerce website provides the best user experience on both mobile and desktop computers. You can choose to use responsive design for your website to make your store appear appealing on every device using the use of a single base code. Mobile optimization can also improve the site’s visibility on the most popular search engine results page (SERPs).

Social Elements

It is important to include a variety of social elements on your ecommerce website to appeal to customers. Customers should have the option to share their purchases through your store to their friends via popular social media platforms. Additionally, social elements can help customers to spread the word about your new ecommerce website and boost its popularity. You could also use social elements as a powerful instrument to collect information about customers and monitor the behavior of customers.

Search Box

There is no way for an online store to showcase everything it sells on one page. But you can attract customers by displaying brand-name items to customers first. You must also let customers look over your merchandise based on certain criteria or categories. The site must permit customers to search for and locate appropriate products with no delay or trouble. Therefore, you must ensure that your website has a well-designed search box. This search box can allow customers to locate a particular product and then purchase it without having to search through a variety of items.

Shopping Cart

The choice you make for your shopping cart will directly influence on the user experience provided by the website. There is a choice to select from a range of commercial and open-source shopping carts written in various programming languages. However, you should choose an online shopping cart program that lets users check their purchases from the past and present quickly and easily. Additionally, the shopping cart should allow customers to change or add items with no difficulty. While doing this it is essential to improve the accessibility and accessibility of your shopping cart by using the common basket icon.

Payment Options

The selection of an online payment options is different for each customer from another. Certain customers prefer to pay via debit/credit card or via internet banking facilities while others prefer more popular online payment options such as PayPal or digital wallets. So, it is important to ensure that each client can pay for the items bought by him using any payment method. However, you must ensure that online payments as well as financial transactions for your customers safe by using a trusted payment gateway as well as the most recent encryption methods.

Trust Marks

Remember that a significant portion of consumers are skeptical about new ecommerce website. So, you need to look for ways to increase your ecommerce website credibility, and earn the trust of your customers. Apart from incorporating strong security measures in your web store, you should also be able to showcase authenticity certificates as well as trust marks from well-known brands. The accreditation and trust marks will increase trustworthiness of the new online store. The trust marks will also ensure that customers’ personal information will be kept private and transactions on the internet will be completely safe.

Option to Answer Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Questions

When buying items on brand-new ecommerce website customers often have various questions before and after purchasing. Therefore, you need to answer the post-sale and pre-sale inquiries of your customers to increase your revenue and sales. Similar to many other sites, you are able to help with the pre-sale and post-sale questions of your customers via telephone or online chat. However, the buyer must be aware of all options to resolve his doubts and address his questions. It is important to ensure that the number of your phone or chat online option is readily available to every customer. Additionally, you should employ a knowledgeable customer service personnel to address the pre-sale concerns of site visitors in a way that will make them customers.

Search Engine Visibility

It is easy to redirect regular web traffic to an ecommerce website by following the guidelines set by prominent search engines such as Google as well as Bing. For example, Google ranks websites based on metrics such as mobile friendliness and load speed. It also advises entrepreneurs to create websites that have a responsive design. When designing the website for e-commerce it is important to be aware of the rules and suggestions of major internet search engines. Search engine optimized designs will allow you to attract regular site visitors, without having to start costly digital marketing campaigns in the future. It is also important to evaluate the most important elements such as user interface, functionality performance, usability security and user experience in the ecommerce website development phase itself in order to get it noticed in the shortest amount of time.

It is also possible to invest in analytics tools that can help you understand the habits and preferences of your website’s visitors using real-time data collected from diverse sources. But, it’s crucial to keep your ecommerce website regularly to keep up with latest trends in technology, industry trends and consumer preferences.

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