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Google Ads will Stop Targeting Content for YouTube Conversion Campaigns in 2023

Google Ads

A few powerful targeting tools will be eliminated at the beginning of 2023 as per a Google Ads guide.

The help article “Optimize your Video campaign for more conversions” has the section on content targeting. It advises against the inclusion of content that is targeted (by keywords and topics or by places) in your campaigns.

Additionally, the article mentions that, in the first quarter of 2023, the current settings for content targeting will be eliminated “from video campaigns that drive conversions.”

A Significant Attack on Targeting?

The options for targeting content are loved by many advertisers due to the depth they offer. The placements can focus on YouTube Channels or particular videos or playlists of videos, URLs, Collections or apps.

Based on the current targeting system that advertisers can match advertisements to videos or channels to provide more targeted messages to viewers. This will stop the hyper-targeting feature that created YouTube so attractive for ad dollars.

Another significant issue is the removal of targeted keywords on the self-proclaimed 2nd largest internet search engine worldwide. The elimination of keyword targeting on the (video) Google search is a huge blow.

While the keywords used on YouTube haven’t been historically as effective as traditional search however, it has served as an avenue for advertisers to address questions using their video content. There’s no doubt that advertisers need to be more innovative in order to reach their public.

What Happens to the Current Campaigns when the Change Takes Place?

Advertisers who run YouTube content-targeted campaigns that rely on keywords, topics or locations will be able to remove the targeting.

We’ve reached out to Google for more clarification on this, but if you are running placement/keyword/topic targeting, this could wreak havoc on your campaigns. Be on the lookout for this change date, as you don’t want all targeting removed from your accounts.

We Care About It

One of the main benefits of YouTube advertisements has been the ability to target your ads with precision Many of which will be taken away at the beginning of next year. For marketers who are focused on performance, the ability to tailor ads to videos or channels is no longer available, as will the ability to use keywords on the second largest search engine. This isn’t a case of chalking to privacy or PII issues, but instead as a radical shift in the way content targeting is handled in the search engine.

If you’re advertising using the option of targeting content You should be attentive to any updates, as targeting options will be immediately taken off of your ads. By focusing less will you reach a greater number of people and you’ll have to invest more in less competent users.

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