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How to Fix the HTTP Error 503 Service Unavailable in WordPress

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Errors on your WordPress website can be quite a challenge. But most errors offer you a hint as to what caused them. This could make tackling these typical problems a lot simpler. The error 503 isn’t so friendly, unfortunately and doesn’t provide many details to base your decision on.

It is helpful to know the causes that are most commonly cited are that cause the error 503 in WordPress. In the end, you’ll need to be systematic when it comes to resolving the issue, which requires performing a series of steps to determine the cause.

What’s the HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Error?

The error 503 in WordPress indicates that your site cannot be reached currently because the server is not available. It could be due to being overloaded, in maintenance, or another reason which needs a more thorough investigation.

What Is an HTTP Error 503?

A status code 503 (Service unavailable) status code signifies that server not able to process the request because of an unexpected overloaded or scheduled maintenance. This could be corrected in the course of a few minutes. The server may provide a Retry-After header field that suggests the right amount of time the client to wait prior to restarting the request.

If you get the http error 503 this signifies that the server you’re trying to connect to isn’t working. This could be due to it being busy, for instance or is under maintenance. In contrast to other error codes similar to 503 503 means that your website is up and operational, but cannot be reached at the current time.

The thing that is so frustrating about this particular issue is that it doesn’t give you any details to base your decision on. The majority of the time it will show up with an “Service temporarily unavailable” message. It’s like calling a restaurant by phone, only to hear them inform you that they’re closed, but refusing to tell you when they’ll open again.

If you’re lucky enough, the http error 503 code is likely to have occurred because your WordPress site is currently under maintenance. WordPress quickly puts your website to maintenance mode whenever you update the theme, plugin and/or the software itself.

  • 503 Error Variations
  • 503 Service Unavailable
  • 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
  • HTTP Server Error 503
  • HTTP Error 503
  • Error 503 Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily in a position not to process the request because of the maintenance downtime or capacity issues. Try again later.

How to Fix the 503 Error in WordPress

  1. Review Your Logs and Enable WP_DEBUG
  2. Temporarily Deactivate Your WordPress Plugins
  3. Increase Your Server’s Resources
  4. Deactivate Your WordPress Theme
  5. Limit the WordPress ‘Heartbeat’ API
  6. Temporarily Disable Your Content Delivery Network (CDN)


If you’re fortunate, the http error 503 will only appear when you switch your website to maintenance mode. If, however, it shows up without warning, you’ll need put on your work gloves and try to figure out the cause.

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