Local Search Updates

Google Announces 7 Local Search Updates


In the Google’s annual Search On conference, the company revealed seven new features and enhancements to local search. Local Search Updates.

1. Immersive View

Immersive view lets users to transcend street view by offering experience that allows you to enter buildings and other structures. Additionally, the immersive view will let you see the amount of people a particular place can be as well as what the weather conditions will be similar to a specific date and time.

Immersive view is coming out over the next few months in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Many More.

2. Vibe Check The Neighborhood

A brand-new “neighborhood vibe” feature in Google Maps will give you an impression of a community before you go. Google will showcase what’s happening and what the best local spots are, and the best places to go investigating.

The most useful photos and details provided by information and photos from the Google Maps community will appear on the map when you browse the neighborhood.

3. Enhancements To Live View In Google Maps

Google is enhancing the feature it launched three years ago, dubbed Live View, which allows users to take a tour of the city using the viewfinder on the camera of your phone.

As well as moving from one location to another, you’ll eventually be able search for what’s within your immediate area.

Google gives an example of how they use Live View to find an ATM within walking distance from the spot where a person is:

Search with Live View starts rolling out over the next weeks with the launch of Search Live View in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo.

4. Search For Restaurants By Dish

Google is enhancing its search engine for restaurants with the ability to locate local restaurants that offer the same dish.

The new search experience allows users to type in queries such as “soup dumplings near me,” and Google will give you the list of restaurants offering it.

You can be even more specific using filters that will allow you to filter vegetarian food, spicy foods and much more.

5. More Support For Digital Menus

Google is expanding its reach of digital menus and is also improving their visuals with stunning images. And making sure they’re always up-to-date. Google explains how it’s able to add additional digital menus, with no additional effort required from restaurant’s proprietors:

Google promises to showcase the most popular dishes, and offer a variety of dietary choices which include vegan and vegetarian.

6. Discover Restaurant Specialties

Local restaurants typically offer a distinctive characteristic that is recognized in the local area.

Finding best quality of the results of a Google search isn’t easy because the star ratings aren’t the entire of the story. Google will help searchers review and assess restaurants to discover what they offer that makes them different.

Google employs machine learning to study reviews and images to determine the distinctive qualities of a location.

7. Aerial Views Of Landmarks

Google is available today. The Google has over 250 aerial photos that are photorealistic of world landmarks. It does not list all of the sites with aerial views apart from the fact that the views “span everything from the Tokyo Tower to the Acropolis.” Google claims that it makes use of an amalgamation of AI and data submitted by users to drive the neighborhood-vibe feature, which will roll out worldwide over the next few months for Android as well as iOS.

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