The tools used to assist SEO professionals change with the times

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Search engine optimization professionals face constant change. However, tools are constantly evolving to assist them

According to Growth Badger’s analysis of Similar Web data, search engine optimization is still the most important element of digital marketing. Search drives around 50% of all website traffic. According to the company, 66.47% of top blogs get their traffic from search. Of that 99.77% of it is organic, and only 0.23% of it is paid. However, SEO is more complicated than ever and requires more considerations that SEOs had to face in the “ten-blue links” era. SEO today encompasses everything from content marketing and distribution to the user experience. The core task of gathering and interpreting search information has become more difficult as search engines constantly change the display of search results and port them to other media such as voice assistants.

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However, this doesn’t mean you should abandon the established SEO best practices. Even though the environment is constantly changing, keyword research, page analysis, backlink tracking, acquisition, rank tracking, and keyword research are all still vital.

Search engine optimization | Search results are changing

One of the most important issues for SEOs is that organic space on search engine results pages (SERPs), which was once organic, has been taken over by engines’ marketing efforts. These include larger and more dynamic ad placements and so-called zero-click searches. In these cases, the user doesn’t have to go to any other page to find the answer to their question. The SERP displays the answer.

It is not clear what impact this has. SparkToro’s analysis of SimilarWeb data between January and December 2020 revealed that 64.82% (64.82%) of Google searches now end without clicking on a result. “Zero-click search…. “Zero-click searches have been on an upward trend for many years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” Rand Fishkin, SparkToro founder, said. His look at the same phenomena 2019.

Google claims this study is misleading. However, they say that so-called zero click searches are often people who reformulate their search queries, connect with businesses directly from the results, or navigate directly to apps. They also seek quick facts that can be delivered directly via SERPs.

Google stated in a blog post that while we show website links for most queries today, when they are the most useful response, it also said that “we want to build new features which organize information in more helpful and helpful ways than just a list.” We’ve observed that the amount of SEO traffic to the internet that we have introduced over the past two decades has increased as we introduce more of these features, which is good news for both businesses and consumers.

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Marketers looking to gain visibility in the SERPs can use data from these displays, even if it is not precise, in any case.

The analysis revealed that searcher behavior differs depending on what device is being used to search. Researchers found that searches that result in clicks are more likely to happen on desktop devices (50.75% Organic CTR, 2.8% Paid CTR), while zero clicks are more common on mobile devices (77.22%).

Perficient Digital provides more detailed data from Authority Labs data covering nearly 2M searches. Ads attract 28% of clicks for queries that include ads, which are most likely to be served on commercial queries. This is “stealing” no-click search queries. Proficient agreed that desktop searchers were more likely to click through.

Google has more than 1200 features, up from 810 in its last such count. These include the Knowledge Graph and Direct Answers, FAQs, and seo Clarity estimations. Each feature is tailored to a specific type of search or search intention. Some of them are rare and not all available at once. According to seo Clarity research, 200 of the 1200 features are only found on 0.2% of keywords.

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