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10 Reasons Why Every Businesses Should Invest in Responsive Web Design

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As someone working in IT and knows the marketing aspect of the product, I can guarantee that web design plays an important part to play in the performance or failure of a product. What is normal in human behavior? We are inclined to focus on stunning things or sights more than we would things that are ordinary. For example, Charles Darwin has rightly said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change”. In this blog, we’ll be discussing responsive web design and the reasons why it isn’t.

In this day and age, when web design has gone in an entirely different direction making a responsive web design company has become the top priority for every company. It can help you in many ways, from creating a stunning website, to improving its appearance and feel across different sizes of screens, and aiding to increase user engagement and a high search engine rank. In this post, I’ve listed 10 reasons why companies should consider investing in single-site design.

1. Budget-Friendly

In the conventional way of creating a website typically, we use distinct designs for mobile as well as web-based applications. It is obvious that it impacts the total cost since we need to have a site that is designed to cater to two distinct audiences: one who uses mobile, and another that doesn’t have mobile. With a responsive design it is possible to invest only one time and has a style that appeals to all kinds of users across all devices.

2. Better User Experience

According to the research conducted by Google the odds are around 67% of the chance that users to remain on a site or leave it whether it’s traditional or responsive. The most avid users rely on the most basic aspects of a website, such as its loading speed, zooming in and out according to the screen’s size as well as easy-to-read images or text displayed on the screen etc. If someone visits your site and it takes the longest time to load, doesn’t it appear not professional? It can have an impression on the person’s perception of the seriousness of your business. However, if you’re an online design firm that is responsive, they will take care of these issues.

3. Increased SEO Performance

SEO or Search engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to increase your site’s ranking in any search engine. The higher you’re ranking the more attractive your site will be for the majority of people who search on it. In the past few years there have been some organizations which solely focus in SEO metrics for different customers. That’s where responsive web design enters the picture, as it plays an essential part in improving the ranking of a website on search engines.

4. Continuous Increase in Mobile Traffic

Nowadays, people are using their mobiles for business. While on the move or at your home, or the workplace environment, professional office calling for business as well as business models and various other details of planning are shared primarily over the phone. The reason for this is the fact that one responsive web site allows users to download apps for their phones that have the same style and feel that they get using laptops. This is the main reason for an exponential growth in mobile traffic. A mobile application that is easy to use is the best option to always stay ahead of your competitors.

5. Increased Conversion Rate

You should be aware of one thing: SEO and conversion rates are inextricably linked. If a site is viewed by users that is at the top of the search results and also features such as ease of navigation from one page to another, a seamless payment processing, and overall, more user-friendly experience, it will certainly affect how much conversion happens.

6. Faster Speed in Mobile

Based on Google’s standards for page speed, believed that mobile content that exceeds the threshold must load in a matter of one second and the rest of your content should load within 2 seconds. If you use a traditional web design to your app It is highly likely that users won’t remain on your website for more than a second. As I stated above the longer your page’s load time, the more people are likely to leave your site. This is where responsive design for your website can be beneficial.

7. Impactful Social Sharing

It is now the time that people are sharing URLs for any social media posts they wish to share or enjoy. Have you ever thought about how important one responsive site can play to have in this? Imagine that a colleague sends you a URL for reference to a project connected to your profile. However, you’re unable to access it from your mobile. However, the same URLs can be opened by your PC. Doesn’t that make it seem like the most fake source for reference? This is the way we think. With a better Web design, URLs that is shared is able to be accessed by any device, including laptop, tablet or mobile. Also, using the website and performing different functions is much smoother and takes much less time.

8. Flexibility to change

On a website, updates and changes are typically constant. The reason for this could be something like the introduction of a brand-new product or service, revamping the website or content updates, and much more. Additionally, often there are tiny changes that have to be completed that can take a considerable amount of time when done with an old-fashioned web design. However, when you have a website with a responsive design, things are faster and simpler. This flexibility is among the main reasons businesses are turning more toward responsive design.

9. Google’s Recommendation

A very well-known human traits is following and perform actions advised by someone whether it is the person or company, which is extremely well-known. In this instance I’m talking about Google the world’s most popular search engine that has set standards for its numerous products and services. It was not some time since Google advised using a single design for your website to boost your SEO. They made this recommendation because having a single responsive site aids in crawling and index content within your domain.

10. Consolidate Data Analytics

With data analytics booming at an all-time high in moment it is a given that it will dominate the market over the next years. Imagine how tiring and exhausting it was to manage tasks such as following customer journeys, routes to conversion, redirections among different versions, etc. With the most recent tools for analytics, like Google Analytics and responsive web design, managing different devices and executing reports that are responsive has become much simpler.


Although the above list is only 10 reasons to consider switching to responsive design for your website, there are many more reasons that can be included in this article. If Garrison Wynn has rightly said, “Action and adaptability create opportunity” so why should you remain in the past? If you’re not yet switched to a responsive web design Company and the results will be exciting certain.

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