Website Designer VS Website Developer

Website Designer Vs Website Developer: What Is the Difference?

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Although businesses may have accounts on social media however, many will doubt the legitimacy of the services and products they provide.

Verisign has also found an 84% percentage of users today believe that a site that has a pleasing design makes a company appear more professional and credible. Additionally, the majority of internet-based experiences start by using search engines. In addition to Google and Bing, others utilize Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu and many others. If you’re using one of these you should expect greater traffic to your business if you have an online presence.

Instead of creating a website yourself, get help from experts to set up the website for your company. The question, however is who to choose between a developer for your website and a web designer? OOm provides a thorough explanation to help you understand the differences.

What is a Web Designer?

In contrast to a web developer, web designers are those who is able to make a site look attractive. The work they do is mostly focused on improving the look and design of the website, as well as making sure it’s easy to use. Since the website of a company has to do with the image of their brand Web designers often has a meeting with the client in order to talk about the design and feel of the website.

After that, a web designer can utilize Adobe XD, Illustrator, DreamWeaver as well as Sketch to draw the layout of the website design using the colors along with font style and other features.

Types Of Web Designers

When it comes down to the design of websites, web developers generally have specialized expertise. Knowing the distinctions between kinds of web designers will aid you in determining which you need to engage for your website designing Services in India.

1. User Experience (UX)

The job of the UX web developer is find out what the user will experience the best experience as they navigate through the various elements and features of a site. As much as is possible they’ll attempt to imagine the entire experience for a customer beginning the moment they land on a site, go through the website pages and then make a purchase.

The UX web designer starts their work by creating diagrams of user paths and designing their information design. Before they can accomplish all these tasks, they’ll conduct study to find out more about their client’s industry.

2. User Interface (UI)

An UI web designer focuses on the design of a site and its pages using map of user’s journey which are provided by the UX web designer provides.

They’ll be the ones who organize the layout of the pages, pick colors, alter the typography, and develop interactive interface elements like buttons, scrollers as well as drop-down menus. These will all aid in making a website visually appealing and will encourage visitors to stay longer.

3. Visual Designer

Similar to full-stack web developers Visual designers are an expert in all things and can be involved in both the UX as well as UI aspects of web development. Visual designers always ensure that they can find the perfect equilibrium between pleasing and attractive web design and a well-functioning web pages.

What Are the Skills Set of a Web Designer?

  • The ability to code (optional)
  • Know the basic principles of web design
  • Be aware of the theory of color and typography
  • You can use a variety of tools for design and also software.
  • Highly skilled in animated interactives

What is a Web Developer?

A web designer in India is skilled in programming. They employ coding languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Python, SQL, Ruby, jQuery, C#, and many others to construct an entire website starting from scratch. It converts ideas for web design and concepts formulated by web designers into the reality of. To ensure that a website does not be crashing due to the sheer number of users browsing through websites The job of a web designer is to keep the structure of a website to remain functioning.

This is the time when web maintenance comes in this happens after the process of developing the website, and also after the site has gone live.

Types Of Web Developers

Every web developer’s role differs. The tasks they perform ultimately are based on their specific part of website development including front-end, backend and full-stack. Below are the various kinds of web developers and their role in website development.

1. Front-End

The work of a front-end web developer is to code visually appealing elements on a site and the functions that users will see while looking through web pages. Because their work is likely to be in conjunction the web designer’s role, front-end site developers often work alongside them in tandem.

2. Back-End

Like the name suggests the back-end developers of websites are programmers who work behind the scenes during the creation of websites and their primary task is to ensure that the site is working properly.

The back-end developer of the website will determine if the coding connects the site to the web server, and the data flows uninterrupted to ensure the customer’s transaction will be completed properly.

3. Full-Stack

The type of web developer however is a master of many trades. They can also perform the work of front-end and back-end developers for websites.

What Are the Skill Sets of a Website Developer?

  • Experience in testing websites and debugging
  • Experienced in Content Management Systems
  • Attention to detail
  • Are able to clearly explain technical terms
  • Highly creative and numerate abilities

The Differences Between Website Developers and Website Designers

A role for a web designer and a developer differs from one another, however they both are essential to the creation of websites. Below is a discussion of the different aspects in these two.

Which One Do You Need to Hire for Your Business’s Website Creation?

Although their roles as a site designer and developer differ, they are equally important for the creation of websites. The hiring of both will help you create visually appealing web designs and a functioning website that will catch all the interest of your prospective viewers. In the end 94% of the first impressions originate from the website’s visual aspect which is followed by the process of navigation.

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