Yoast SEO Premium is now offering IndexNow


Then, users who are using Yoast SEO premium can easily turn onto IndexNow on their WordPress websites.

Yoast SEO, one of the most well-known SEO plug-ins available for WordPress has finally embraced IndexNow which is a Microsoft supported protocol for submitting material to Google’s search algorithms. It is now available as a premium edition of Yoast SEO version 19.2, the company has announced. Yoast SEO Premium now offers IndexNow

What is IndexNow. IndexNow offers a way for website owners to immediately notify search engines of the latest modifications to their websites. IndexNow uses a simple protocol to ping search engines can detect that a URL’s content has been changed or updated or deleted and allows search engines to immediately update their results. IndexNow’s co-sharing IndexNow began to fully go live in January 2022.

Integrations. Why? Microsoft created its own plugin to allow WordPress sites . To use IndexNow, Yoast decided to integrate it into their premium WordPress plugin. What was the reason Yoast include it in the first place? “The most recent change in the Protocol is the second major advancement that has made us reconsider our opinions regarding IndexNow. The IndexNow team has changed the API’s endpoint to ping each supported site to an API controlled via the Protocol. This means that websites only need to be able to ping one site which makes the process more efficient. All of this is in line with our definition of a long-lasting crawling and indexing system and now is the perfect time to start implementing IndexNow through a brand-new integration with Yoast SEO,” the company said in its announcement.

What is IndexNow. IndexNow gives website owners to immediately inform search engines of the latest changes to their site. IndexNow is simple ping protocol to let search engines can be aware that a URL’s content have been updated, added to, modified, or deleted which allows search engines to instantly update their results.

Google support? Not yet, at least not officially. Google earlier this year announced that it was conducting tests with IndexNow but hasn’t said much about IndexNow. There has been speculations that Google did not intend to adopt this method, however, as we’ve seen in the world of search the world of search, things change quickly and frequently.

We care. We’ve already mentioned that immediate indexing is an SEO’s goal when it comes to providing search engines with the most up-to-date content available on a website. This is a very easy process and will require only a small amount of effort from developers to incorporate the feature to your website It is therefore logical to incorporate this method in case you are concerned about speedy indexing. In the present, if you’re running WordPress and are using Yoast SEO premium you can activate IndexNow on your website.

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